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Operational Excellence Through Easier Parking Management

Your parking facility is one of your most important tenant experience touchpoints. It’s time to treat it like that.

What is Facili?

Facili, meaning ‘easy,’ is an all-encompassing smart, digital parking solution designed to provide asset owners and facility managers with an easy, hardware-free experience for self-managing their parking access and controls.

For large tenant facilities, like apartments, dormitories, or mixed-use commercial and residential buildings, owners and managers can drive greater customer value via the first, and often the most important customer touchpoint, parking. Offering a platform for managing monthly and guest parking operations, coupled with intercom communications and remote gate vending technology, customers can enjoy a complete end-to-end parking and customer service solution to complement their current tech stack.

Other parking technology vendors often cater to complicated requirements by offering a full suite of hardware and software to cover all possible scenarios. These complex offerings may subject buyers to unnecessary technology purchases that are costly and cumbersome.

Facili makes it easy.
What is Facili
Why Facili

Why Facili?

Facili eliminates the requirement for facilities with less complex parking dynamics to purchase an overly complex system. Drawing on over 15 years of industry experience, Facili understands the technological needs of building owners and managers who simply want to ensure tenants and guests can access and exit their facility easily and securely and only when authorized.

To make things easier for operators, Facili offers a straightforward, mobile-friendly, self-managed portal interface that makes parking management less complex for residential facilities than large-scale Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) address.

Facili’s digital platform allows managers to efficiently manage permits and parking controls while empowering tenants to self-administer permit profiles, payments, and guest access. The platform also provides the added benefit of camera tracking and monitoring delivery vehicles without the need to invest in expensive hardware.

Facili's comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of tools

Unit Facilities

Residential condo buildings, apartment complexes and or dormitories with multiple tenants all utilizing a shared, access-controlled parking facility.

Providing easy ingress and egress for permitted tenants and their guests, via a self-serve portal, and simple admin system.

Multi-dwelling Unit Facilities


Facili provides a digital parking management platform for Class A office buildings and multi-tenant dwellings. The digital platform allows tenant users to self-administer and manage their allotted permits, by creating full access allocation or fractional/part-time access, all utilizing a simple, yet comprehensive mobile-friendly reservation system. The system is designed to safeguard against over-allotment and allows for extensive tracking and control of permit use. With the ability to reconcile daily usage with allowable limits for both inventory control and overage invoicing, the system provides a full end-to-end solution for better tenant parking management.

Commercial Parking


For large residential tenant facilities, like apartments, condos and dormitories, owners and managers must continually look to ways to provide first rate experience for their tenants. And as more and more residential buildings are being developed to accommodate both residentials and commercial businesses, managing parking for these multi-use facilities has become more challenging. How do you provide a simple, forgettable parking experience for multiple types of parking needs, such as: residential monthly parking permits, commercial employees’ non-traditional hours and part-time permitting, commercial customer parking and validation? Whether for gated or ungated parking, Facili offers a platform for managing monthly and guest parking operations, coupled with intercom communications and remote gate vending technology, customers can enjoy a complete end-to-end parking and customer service solution to complement their current tech stack.


What Capabilities
Does Facili Provide?

Why Tenants will Love Facili

Self-management of profiles and payments

Easily self-manage profiles, payment and guest access from anytime, anywhere access to a tenant portal

Integration into current facility applications

Tenants don’t need to download and access yet another application for parking services. All management and functionality can be integrated into existing facility management portals and applications for ease of use.

Quicker and easier entrance and exit

Automated account management and SMS texting for car retrieval, as well as mobile–based scheduling, provide a truly frictionless experience in the garage.

Superior support technology for fast issue resolution

Drive minimal disruption and better experience for tenants when issues arise, through unmatched support call routing and remote troubleshooting.


Facili Smart Parking Digital Management Solution. Download ›

How is Facili Implemented?

Users can be up and running with Facili about 2-3 weeks after purchase. The timeline for deployment generally is as follows:

Weeks 1-2 – account set up and rules / data configuration
Week 3 – system training and tenant roll out

The deployment schedule may vary slightly according to user requirements.

From managing permits for administration and tenants, self-managing profiles and payments, regulating and organizing delivery vehicle access, to overseeing validations for co-located businesses in the building, Facili can do it all.

How is Facili Implemented

About Facili

Facili, meaning easy, is a leading platform provider of end-to-end parking technology, omni channel contact center operations, and data analytics to drive operational excellence for the Mobility Industry. Facili simplifies the overly complex and often expensive task of managing parking facility operations with easy, hardware-free experience for self-managing parking access and controls. Facili harnesses deep industry expertise and cutting-edge technology innovation to allow parking operators and asset owners to better serve their customers and take one of their most valuable customer touchpoints – parking, to the next level.

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